Hourglass- Ambient Lighting Blush Palette + Dim Infusion

So the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette was sold out everywhere and I'd had several attempts at purchasing this palette until I finally found it still for sale on Net-A-Porter and at the time had free shipping!
I tend not to hesitate with limited edition products...because I know i'll regret it.

The case is a long version of the original blush cases in a gorgeous gold, with a slim mirror.

Ahhh these colours are perfect!
The hand made blushes are naturally radiant and buildable to your cheeks.

Luminous Flush- Champagne Rose that has a subtle champagne glimmer
 Incandescent Electra- (exclusive to the palette) Cool Peach that has a radiant glow
Mood Exposure- Soft Plum- my favourite blush out of the collection as it brightening your complexion!

I thought I would also include the first Hourglass blush I ever bought!
Dim Infusion
Ambient Lighting Blush
Described as Subdued Coral, can also be used as a highlighter to the cheeks.



  1. All three shades are beautiful! Esp Mood Exposure xx Wanna get my hands on it so bad! Did you have to use Shipitto or Youshop to get it from Net a porter? x

    1. Love Mood Exposure! No I didn't they ship straight to NZ and there was free shipping at the time I got it! xx