XO Beauty False Eyelashes and Brush.

XO Beauty by Shannxo
XO Beauty was developed by Shannon Harris a beauty and makeup youtuber from New Zealand.
I've been watching her videos ever since she dyed her hair blonde and i've learnt so much makeup tips and tricks from her. 

I'm sure you've heard of Shann but if you haven't and want to find her social media links I've done the easy work for you!
From the shop I bought 4 pair of lashes and a blending brush!

XO Beauty False Lashes are a 100% handcrafted.

I purchased- The Glamourista, The Soulmate, The Feline and The Romantic.
The lashes don't come with glue but the website sells Duo clear eyelash adhesive.
I don't normally wear lashes let alone buy many, so I'd say i'm still a beginner when it comes to wearing falsies!

The Feline
For the purrrrfect cat eye and to match that winged eye liner, these lashes are elongated and darkened on the outer edge to enhance that flick as well as super winged and curly on the outer lashes.

Just from looking at them these look like they are going to be my faves!

The Soulmate 
Designed for a girl who loves to stand out, they are super flirty, long, thick and wispy lashes.
They have both black and warm brown hairs to subtly highlight your eye colour!

They look a bit scary at first (well I thought so anyway) but their definitely made for a dramatic look!

The Romantic
Described as being designed for the girly girl, these lashes lengthen and volume!
Their are tapered on the inner corner and have a beautiful curved flick on the outer 'V' to elongate your eye shape. Also has an inviable lash band.

They look like 'first date' lashes or maybe its just the name...but these also look like they going to be faves because I've always wanted thick lashes.

The Glamourista
For a glamourous gal! and a dramatic look but you can still wear them too any occasion.
Their wispy, light weight and super full.
Described as fluttery voluminous lashes definitely a party girl look for a night out.
I can tell these are going to take a while for me to get used too!

Eye Shadow Blender Brush
I was so surprised at the quality of this brush, it has a long handle and nice soft bristles, I needed a blending brushes so I though why not try an xo beauty one and I love it!

These were my first purchases from the XO Beauty shop and I definitely want to get some more brushes.
You'll find these at the XO Beauty Shop.


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  1. The Soulmate & The Feline are so pretty! I haven't tried xoBeauty falsies yet, but I do have the flat top brush from the brand, a lot of people seems to compare it to the Jessup brushes and I can't say which is better as I haven't tried the Jessup ones, but I love my xoBeauty brush, it's so soft and I have had it for over a year now and it's still in perf condition!