Too Faced- Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes *Complete Set*

Hi Lovelies!

As promised I said once I got all three Too Faced- Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes (try saying that 5 times fast!) I would photograph and share what I think of them!

For one the packaging is super cute as I love anything heart shaped but I also love the different choices of blushes you can get!

The lid colour corresponds to the colour of the blush and the names of the blushes pretty much described the colours well- Peach Beach, Candy Glow and Something About Berry!

Peach Beach

This was my first purchase out of all the blushes so I was lucky enough to swatch it at Sephora when I was over in America- by the way there is no Sephora in New Zealand :( and ever since buying this one I've wanted to get them all.

Individual baked shades..
Together creates a bronzed peach sun kissed cheeks and would suite any skin tone!

Candy Glow

The original blush and apparently the other two came out later? A noticeable difference is that this blush is not as shimmery or glittery as the other two (when swatched anyway)

This was my last purchase and I've been using it the most now.. maybe because Summer is coming up and it adds that subtle glow to your cheeks.

Individual baked shades..
Candy Pink
Coral Peach
Light Coral
Altogether creates a candy barbie pink or blushing cheeks. 

Something About Berry

I mentioned this blush in my October Faves and I bought this as well as Candy Glow on BeautyBay
This is the most daring of the three you want to apply this blush gradually as it is very pigmented!

Individual baked shades..
Dark rose 
Light candy pink
Altogether creates a pink berry glow and subtle shimmer, with the look of cute embarrassed cheeks (but in a good way)

These are a beautiful collection of blushes to have or even if you want just one!
If your a beginner to blushes or just don't know what one to get I would recommend Peach Beach as its easy to work with and is not one of those overpowering colours.

I hope Too Faced bring out more!!!


  1. You should have a look on Makeup Revolution. I just discovered that they have similar blushes/bronzers/highlighters are like spot on dupe of these little hearts! My Makeup Revolution cart is getting bigger and bigger but I still haven't placed order haha...

    Bonnie ♥

  2. Love the packaging! Something About Berry is on my to-purchase list ;)