☼ Summer Essentials 2014 ☼

Since Summer is around the corner for NZ  I thought I would put together some 'Summer Essentials'
Whether you want to get that sun kissed tan, beachy hair or are just trying to protect your skin and hair from the harsh NZ sun.
Below are some products I use on a daily basis!

Dove- Summer Glow
If you want a fresh sun kissed look this nourishing lotion helps you keep a tan all year round
Its a moisturiser that gives you a gradual tan- gradually enhancing your natural skin tone, so layering this will give you a subtle self-tan.

You can purchase this at your local supermarket, at the time I got the limited edition pink ribbon bottle that supported the Breast Cancer Foundation (if your wondering why its pink).

It also have a subtle floral scent that not over powering, it works on fair to normal skin and with 400ml its going to last you a few summers!

Evian- Natural Mineral Water
This facial spray moisturizes, refreshes and tones your skin as well as hydrates to help fix your makeup (like a setting spray).

You can buy this in a travel size which I have or a full size bottle to keep at home.
This is also great to take with you to the gym or handly after exercise to keep you cool.

Batiste- Dry shampoo
Tropical- coconut and exotic fragrance
Use it like a hair spray it instantly revitalises hair and removes that greasy feeling leaving your hair feeling clean and fresh again!

Its great if you haven't had time to wash your hair and are leaving the house in a rush (which is the norm for me) this instantly boosts the body of your hair and removes that unclean feeling.

There are 8+ different scents to choose from and you can get them in travel size and full spray can and now a really jumbo looking can...

Eleven Austraila- Miracle Hair Treatment
The smell of coconut reminds me of a tropical island it's so yummy!
It has eleven miracle treatments listed on the bottle from repairing dry damaged hair and preventing split ends to adding shine, softness and protecting you hair from UVA and UVB filters.

Apply this to damp hair and leave in.
I had bleached and dyed my hair so much to the point were it was so dry and colour wouldn't stay as long as it should. From using this treatment it had strengthen my fragile hair to its natural state and feels so much softer.

Bumble and bumble- Surf Spray
For sexy, beachy, windswept style!

You know how when you go to the beach or for a swim in the ocean and afterwards your hair has that wind styled texture? well this is what you get with this product!

 I use it if I want that casual messy hair...A beach look with out going to the beach!
 Good for girl with straight hair that want a bit of wave but also ideal for girls with curly hair to keep them curls in place.

Spray on dry or damp hair and style then let it dry, it works a bit like hair spray and has a pleasant scent..mixed between a sweet floral and salt water?..(I can't work it out)

Pure Fiji- Hydrating Body Lotion
Frangipani (pink)
Mango (orange) My fave!
Pineapple (yellow)
Starfruit (green)

I have dry and sensitive skin so I don't like to put a lot of moisturisers on my face because it tends to irritate me but this lotion doesn't! I'll put it on my face before primer and foundation or after face cleansing to hydrate my skin.

I love that this product is made in Fiji and the money goes back to Fiji to help fund their communities and gives their students scholarships!
Pure Fiji has so many other skin, body and hair care products all with fruity scents!

New Zealand Cancer Society- Sun Lotion for NZ Sun
SPF 50+ very high protection sun lotion
4 hour water resistance (but you should reapply sunscreen throughout the day!)

I love the smell of sunblock it just reminds me of summers at the beach and childhood memoires and you can go out in the sun knowing your skin is being protected.

New Zealand Cancer Society- After Sun Gel
Moisture rich with Aloe Vera
If you have got really sunburnt this gel is amazing it cools and soothes your skin or if you have been out in the sun for a while even if you haven't been sunburnt its a great hydrating gel to get your skin back to its normal self.

Hope you all have an amazing Summer!


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