Lorac MEGA Pro Palette.

If you haven't heard about the Lorac Mega Pro Palette where have you been?
but don't worry I can update you!

Mega Pro is part of the Royal holiday collection for 2014. 
Out of the collections products this was definitely the must have but just warning you sadly it is limited edition.

For those of you who did know yes this post is a little bit late to when it first came out but I wanted to try it out a few times before I reviewed it!

The case is a beautiful burgundy colour with big gold LETTERING.

I don't have the first two Lorac Pro Palettes to compare but I do know it has the same textured casing as the others and is nearly as big as the two original Pro palettes put together, so it's like getting two palettes in one!

Inside it has a nice big mirror (big plus!) but is a bit floppy to hold.

With 32 eyeshadows you get a combination of matts and shimmers that can be used wet or dry.
These are all really wearable shades I loved going through all the swatches. This palette leans more to neutral and warm tones there only a few cool tones.

The first two top rows are all matt shades and the two bottom rows are all shimmers, these are all new shades apart from four originals that are must have basics- White, Cream, Espresso and Black.

Favourite shades so far are...

Apricot- coral orange shimmer
Cashmere- a beautiful champange shimmer
Dusty Rose- Pale mauve rose shimmer 
Opal- is so pretty! a white base with gold shimmer becomes iridescent when blended

The stand out shade in this palette is Indigo it a very dark purple with pink and blue sparkles!
Lilac- is the only shade that lacks in pigment and to blend out really just fades away..

Warning these are super powdery but so pigmented and I just had to swatches before I photographed so excuse the smudges!

Never having owned a Lorac pro palette before, overall I'm super impressed by the buttery eyeshadows and their not like any other eyeshadows i've tried.

I hope for the people that missed out Lorac restock or even keep this palette as a permanent piece, I can see this as being a top seller.

Purchase at MYQY as for the price because I know it varies in different countries but what I will say is my poor bank account :(


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