Beauty Tips- Cleaning Makeup Brushes.

Hi Lovelies
I though I would include 'Beauty Tips' now and then that could be helpful little tips on how to use and look after your beauty products.

So my first helpful tip today is about cleaning your makeup brushes!

Why clean your brushes?
-To stop bacteria, dust and dirt staying on your brushes and getting into your skin.
-If you have ache prone or sensitive skin it could be why your skin is getting irritated or your ache keeps coming back because of dirty brushes.
-For your brushes life span to last longer and to stop from malting (losing bristles)
-If you have invested a lot of money into your makeup brushes because lets face it some high end brushes aren't cheap, you want to keep them in a good condition for as long as possible.

Try to keep a cleaning routine 'daily' to keep your brushes free of bacteria and your face clean!

I've put together a few tips and easy step on how to clean your makeup brushes below :)

Make sure you do your makeup first before you go to wash your brushes because you should leave about a day for them to dry!

If your brushes look like the bristles are sticking together go clean them now! Its ideal to clean your brushes on a weekly basis especially face brushes!

What you need- two small bowls, a hand towel, baby shampoo and rubber pot mat this is a cheaper option than buying one of those rubber gloves I got it from Kmart.

Step ONE:
-Firstly risen your brush under water, then soak in a bowl of water with baby shampoo and swirl around till the water becomes dirty (and looking like a milo drink.)

*You want to make sure you don't get the water  under the metal casing as it can get to the glue that sticks the bristles to the handle and over time it can cause your brushes to shed and malt.

Step TWO:
-This is optional but this purple mat is AWESOME it makes cleaning your brushes so much easier and quicker. It's a soft rubber so it won't damage your brushes bristles. (Otherwise you can use your fingers.)

-Wet the mat (or your fingers) and pour more baby shampoo on top then run your brush over the dents (like a brush stroke motion) and it will pick up and flick off that old makeup. 
Once nice and bubbly your brushes bristles should return to their natural colour. 

Step FOUR:
- To finish off then soak once more under the tap or in another bowl of fresh water to make sure all the soap has wash off your brush.

*With bigger plusher brushes- like a kabuki or foundation brushes I let them soak longer in a bowl of fresh water to make sure there no soap trapped between the bristles.

Quick and easy order (optional)

1st: Eyeshadow brushes are easily the fastest to wash first just because they have smaller bristles and eyeshadow powers don't stick in water.

2nd: Power brushes like eyeshadow brushes the powder floats away from those blush, bronzer and setting power brushes.

3rd: Liquid foundation brushes are toughies to clean and you should take extra care when washing them, the foundation that has dried and stuck to the bristles also keeps that bacteria to grow eww so you should be washing these brushes frequently.

4th: Lastly Kabuki brushes- because these are the most dense and plush brushes a lot of powder builds up in the brush and it takes a few tries to wash away all that powder that has got trapped in the bristles.

When their nice and clean I leave them to dry on a hand towel to air dry!
There are a lot of other fancy things to help clean and dry your brushes like 'Brush Trees', 'Brush Guard Sleeves', 'Brush Cleaning Gloves' and 'Brush Cleansers'...
I've just chosen to go with an affordable option for you all that gets the job done with out spending to much money!

I hope this was helpful and I will post more beauty tips soon!


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