Real Techniques- Favourite affordable brushes.

-Real Techniques Brushes by Sam and Nic Chapman-

Real techniques brushes are know to come in three shades- Pink (perfect finish), Purple (enhanced eyes) and Gold (flawless base) 

Recently I got the limited edition brushes Nic's Picks.
This limited edition 5 piece set comes in metallic silver, the brushes are set in a foam casing with a 'floating coloured dye' design in the three main colours. 

Nic's Picks: Limited Edition Design +3 Exclusive Cuts:

--Duo-Fiber Face Brush: With two different synthetic fibres this brush creates soft layers for build-able texture, these flexy light bristles are best for blending out powders, especially if you have a very pigmented blush, it would help to defuse the colour.
--Cheek Brush (Set exclusive): I was the most excited to try this brush out! It's so soft and the dense bristles are perfect for contouring or even just used as a blush brush. I hope they decide to sell this as a single brush.
--Angled Shadow Brush (Set exclusive): Great for blending out eyeshadow especially in the crease or even contouring the nose.
--Base Shadow Brush: I already have this brush from the Eye Enhanced Starter Set in purple but you can never have to many base eyeshadow brush in your collection its a brush I always reach for.
--Eyeliner Brush (Set exclusive): I used to be put off by gel eye liner but that was because I never had a great brush to apply it with. But now I do! the firm bristles are angled for easy control and that perfect cat eye flick, or even better for filling in your eyebrows.

I also wanted to mention the rest of my Real Techniques brushes 

Core Collection (Face/Flawless Base)- 4 Brushes + Case:

--Detailer Brush: To be honest I haven't really used this brush, the only thing I can think of is it can be great for getting foundation around the eyes or nose or inner corner of your eye.
--Pointed Foundation Brush: I would use this brush for patting concealer under my eyes but since I've got a beauty blender sponge for that it hasn't had much use now.
--Contour Brush- I mostly use this brush with a powder highlight, but it's also great with a bronzer to contour under those cheek bones!
--Buffing Brush: My number one foundation brush, it buffs out any of my foundations for a flawless finish.

Starter Set (Enhanced Eyes)- 5 Brushes + Case:

--Brow Brush: I still don't have my 'brow-game-strong' yet but with this brush I'm getting there.. it has angled bristles to shape and define your brows, its best to use with a gel product.
--Fine liner Brush: Great for liquid eyeliner or detailed application but what I've been using it for is under my lash line to place eyeshadow.
--Accent Brush: This cute little brush has firm but soft bristles to pat the eyeshadow down, I use it for the inner corners of my eyes, for the wide awake look.
--Base Shadow Brush: A great versatile eyeshadow brush, I use it mostly for setting a base or crease eyeshadow.
--Deluxe Crease Brush: Probably the hardest brush to work with as it's not an ideal crease brush I use it more for lightening the crease shade or blending my eyeshadows together.

Blush Brush:
My only pink brush from the collection, I like that its pink as I automatically think of pink cheeks so its easy to reach for especially because its self-standing. It's a perfect 'plush blush brush' that I use everyday for applying my favorite blushes.

Powder Brush:
I like to call this the giant kabuki.. no not really but it reminds me of one, because it is so plush and also self-standing. It's one of my favorites that it can powder your face with just a few swipes. It's another versatile brush for an setting power, bronzer or blush.

I would recommend Real Techniques brushes for any beginners as they were my first brushes for great quality and affordable prices at iHerb
All brushes are made of synthetic bristles are hand cut and 100% cruelty-free with an aluminum handle.


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