Chi Chi Glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey Lovlies

These are amazing, affordable, high quality eyeshadow palettes, with 12 palettes to choose from and colours for every occasion. If your on a budget to buy makeup or are just getting into wearing makeup these palettes are well worth adding to your collection!

I love the simple but effective packaging with the clear top so you can see what colours are in each palette. Its quite a clever design with the name printed in silver on top. I just wish the palettes had come with a brush instead of the two double ended sponge applicators..but that no biggy!

Each Palette has 12 different shades that are really pigmented and have a silky texture with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades.

I have 3 palettes to show you all called Nudes, Rich Gems and Bronzes.

Chi Chi- NUDES

Nudes is like an everyday palette to create a natural look whether it's for school, uni, work, first date...second date. (you know what I mean)  What I'm trying to say is, for any occasion you can't go wrong with this palette!

I used to use this palette everyday when I first bought it and it is still a go to when mixing with other eyeshadow palettes. I should also mention this palette has been compared to Urban Decay's first Naked Palette in terms of colours so its a cheaper dupe if you don't want to spend to much money.

Plus this as a great starter palette for beginners or a travel palette as out can go from a day to night look with these shades and its lightweight.

Described as: A collection of everyday nudes with light smokey highlighters.


This stunning palette has vibrant eyeshadows that just remind me of semi precious gems, think- emerald, ruby, topaz and tiger's eye and you will understand why ChiChi called this palette Rich Gems!

I bought this palette because personally I don't have any bold bright eyeshadows as I tend to stick to neutrals so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and add some colour to my eyes, my favourite shade so far has to be the rosie magenta!

I'm still experimenting with this palette but if your going for a bold statement eye colour, compliment your look with a pale or nude lip, this palette is definitely perfect for a party or clubbing look!

Described as: A collection of gem stone shades with rich metals.


I've saved the best till last!

This is my favourite ChiChi Palette to complement that sun kissed skin (but you don't have to be tanned to wear it) the beautiful bold earthy tones remind me of Autumn leaves (or Fall as you call it in America). Paired with the Nudes palette I would say you have your two essential for everyday eyeshadow colours.

Speaking of sun kissed skin with the gold shades you could create a natural summertime beach-bronze look or if its not that time of year with the darker shades- those browns and wines are great for a night-time clubbing smokey eye!

Described as: A collection of bronzes, golds, browns and Wines

If your a first time buyer of ChiChi palettes I would highly recommend the Nudes Palette or if your wanting to try a few, Chi Chi have now bought out the Dynamic DUO palette pair where you can buy two palettes together!

For NZ girls I bought mine instore at Farmers or you can go order of the Chi Chi website.


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  1. I love the Chi Chi palettes too! (I have my eyes on the Dynamic Duo with Bronzes and Naturals hehe) lovely review :)