Back 2 M.A.C + Lipsticks!

Hi Lovelies
Have you heard about M.A.C's recycling program, called Back 2 M.A.C.
Don't throw away that empty foundation bottle just yet!

MAC will accept 6 full size empties and receive a free lipstick!
Which got me thinking when it comes to choosing a MAC lipstick or if it is your first time purchasing a lipstick it can be overwhelming when there are so many shades and finishes to choose from, so I though I would break it down.

SELF LOVE and Sunflowers!

I just want to say how happy it’s made me feel to see so many girls entering 2019 with so many positive and real posts! Self love, excepting their bodies, encouraging each other to be themselves, sharing their insecurities. Even activewear and swimwear brands sharing photos of real women all shapes and sizes. Social Media can be a negative space at times and if an account or blog isn’t making you feel good about yourself it’s time to unfollow them and find someone who inspires you!