Pai- Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Hi Lovelies
I've just discovered a new skin care range for my sensitive skin girls and guys! Which is also a plus for myself as I have quite dry and sensitive skin.
Pai Skin Care understands sensitive skin of all kinds, their products are free from artificial colours, parfum, parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates, to deliver effective results for unpredictable and allergy-prone skin. Suitable for vegans, BUAV certified cruelty-free and certified organic all made in London, UK.
Pai is a British brand through and through but have borrowed the word "pai" from Te Reo Maori, New Zealand's native language, Pai meaning "goodness", which sums up what they believe in.

Valentino- 'The Couple' Donna Aqua and Uomo Aqua

Hi Lovelies
For Valentine's Day I couldn't think of a better gift than a fragrance for that special someone. Valentino have come out with the perfect 'Couple' fragrances. Uomo Aqua for him and Donna Aqua her.

The imagery in this campagin reflects a romantic couple with a tight bond featuring models Clement Chabernaud and Maartje Verhoef photographed by Alasdair Mc Lellen who captures a forever moment of shadow and light in a dreamy aesthetic.

Oxipay! With The Perfume Bar

Hi Lovelies
In my 3 years of blogging I don't think I've hardly shared my experience when it come to online shopping and most of the time I've hardly had any trouble with an online order. But half the time the items I want can be a bit pricey and if I really want it half my weeks pay can be gone in no time!

I've come across a solution OXIPAY! You might have noticed a lot of online stores are introducing Oxipay on their sites. Oxipay lets shoppers purchase what they want now and pay for it over 4 easy payments without having to pay the full amount upfront. Oxipay lets you pay in 4 fortnightly payment, with no fees or interest when you pay on time.